Privacy and Copyrights Policy

Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy covers S.B. Furniture Group Merchandises including, its content, and the other social media channels are owned by S.B. Furniture Group.


1. Data Privacy

S.B. Furniture values your privacy. To best cater our product and services to your needs, we need to collect the following data from you during account registration.

- First and Last Name

- Birth Date

- Gender

- Delivery Address

- Telephone Number

- Email Address

- Your point of interest in S.B. Furniture

- Purchase history

 -Other relevant personal data for correctness and completeness of customer information to prevent miscommunication


The following data collection allows S.B. Furniture to better personalize our products and services to your needs and to improve future customer experience.


In addition of the data we collect during account registration, we may ask for additional personal information when you are involved in activities or services provided by us or our business partners. Information we ask may include the merchandise of your interest, your other interests in order to improve our customer experience, additional personal information to help you find your best fit product or other services, and not miss any special membership benefits.


2. Our purpose of collecting your data and our information disclosure.

S.B. Design Square collect your data to best provide quality product and services to our individual customers. By using our website, you have accepted and allowed S.B. Furniture to transfer your data to subsidiaries and business partners to use the data to your best benefit without having to informing you in advance.


S.B. Furniture will safely store your personal data. We may use your data or transfer them to our subsidiaries, business partners, and external entities to your best benefit and for the following business purpose.

  • For supporting delivery service, advertisement, production, special privileges, marketing activities relating to your needs via your approved and preferred medium.
  • For market research and analysis regarding website and social media customer experience
  • For content adjustment to better suit our special offer advertisement, which SB Design Square may send via its current and future online medium.
  • To contact our customers for varies purposes such as customer service, related news, and offerings


3. Data Modification and Deletion By S.B. Furniture

All users who registered an account at SB furniture can access, modify and delete their personal information at all times by connecting via email and password, or connecting via preferred social media. However, your information deletion may result in loss opportunity from your special privileges.


4. Cookie, Pixel and IP Address

SB Design Square may collect some data via Cookie and Pixel Technology, IP Address, their internet browser and type of device.


Cookie is a small data file collecting user’s login, their device and browser information. Cookie helps us identify the service or merchandise of your interest and vice versa.


Pixel is a tiny image and is a part of webpage, which allows S.B. to track user website visit from multiple browsers. Pixel is often used in unison with Cookie to track user when the Pixel is downloaded, indicating that the user has visited the webpage or a portion of webpage.


By using Cookie and Pixel, SB Design Square is able to identify web users who previously enter our webpage from a different browser to improve web experience and other social media user experience as well as improving service quality, special offerings, user engagement activities, and advertisement.


To make change of the the cookie setting, please click Cookie Setting


5. Data Security

SB Design Square suggest that our web users do not reveal their access passcode to any person and that they log off from internet or their device browser every time they finished using them to ensure no other entity access your information especially when you share your computer use with other individual or use a public computer.


6. Our Privacy Policy Changes

SB Design Square may make adjustments to the current privacy policy at anytime by announcing


Our Policy Changes on our webpage. By using SB Design Square website or other SB media, you have agreed to comply with our privacy policy. Additionally, by continuing to use your website after any policy change announcement, you have agreed to comply with any changes made.


7. Contact SB Design Square

Contact us at if you seek any additional information regarding usage issues, or security.

Copyright Policy

SB Design Square would like to notify our web user that all content, including images and videos on our website,, is copyrighted and legally owned by S.B. Design Square. It is under legal protection in accordance with Copyright Act  B.E. 2537.


As such, requests to use any of copyrighted content to share must receive individual approval from SB Square management prior to sharing.


Any content copyrighted by SB Design Square from shared without consent from SB Design Square will proceed in accordance with Copyright Act B.E. 2537, and SB Design Square reserve the rights to pursue the subsequent legal actions.


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