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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers products and services of SBDSin Square Co., Ltd., including, social media and other channels.


Article 1: Storage of Your Personal Data

SB Design Square wants our data and services to be pleasing and meet your needs. Some of your personal data must be collected when you register to become a member of us. such as

– First and last name

– Date of Birth

– Gender

– Address

– Phone number

– E-mail address

– Content that interests you

– History of ordering


The information must be accurate, complete, up-to-date and not misleading.


By gathering such information, we will be able to know your needs. The differences in the products and services you receive from other users, and if you provide us with more information, we can only provide services that meet your needs.


In addition to the registration process, you can also register a member. We may ask you for additional personal information, such as when you participate in activities or services held by us or business partners. You may need to specify: More information such as favorite products, interests, Additional personal information will allow you to shop or use more services and not miss special opportunities for members.


Article 2: Purpose of Use of Personal Data and Disclosure of Information

SB Design Square's primary purpose for collecting personal information is to enable each of our users to receive good products and services from us effectively. You agree and consent to our use of your Personal Data to contact or submit all or part of your Personal Data. To our affiliates or business partners through electronic media, marketing to make the most of you without needing to be told. In advance for you.


Your information will be collected and preserved. We may use your Personal Data or send it to third parties, including related companies. Partner companies for your benefit and those of some businesses. as follows


To support the delivery of services, advertisements, products, privileges, marketing activities that match your needs through personal channels that you consent to.

To research and analyze the experiences of users of the website and social media.

To customize your offers, advertisements, privileges, marketing activities, or content that interests you, we may send it to you through SB Design Square channels such as websites, emails, website notifications, social media or other channels in the future.

To contact the user for the service and to administer the user or for the marketing communications received. Allow according to the communication channels you have consented to the Company.


Article 3: Changes in personal data or deletion of personal data

All users registered with SB Design Square have access to their personal data. You can update, modify or delete your personal data at any time by connecting your email, password, and social media links in connection with your account, but this may cost you the opportunity to participate in our privileges.


Article 4: Cookies, pixels Pixel IP Address

SB Design Square may collect certain information through technology such as cookies, pixels, cookies, and more. Pixel, IP address, and storage on the user's browser and device.


Cookies are small alphabetical data files that collect information on a user's mobile phone computer or other device. Cookies make us aware of your favorite services or products and services that are not in your interests.


Size: 10 Pixels are small images as part of a code on a webpage, which performs functions such as enabling other servers to measure website traffic and is often used in connection with cookies. (Pixel) to indicate which monitors or parts of the monitor the user is connected to.


With the functionality of cookies, pixels SB Design Square will enable SB Design Square to recognize users who have visited our website and other channels to improve the browsing experience and other channels, as well as improve service quality. Offer services, privileges, products, activities or advertisements that match the behavior and interests of the user.


Article 5: Security of Your Personal Data

SB Design Square recommends that users should not share your password with anyone and that you should log off your Internet or use your browser computer every time they quit their computer to ensure that others do not have access to your personal data and contacts. This is especially true if you share a computer with others or use it in a public place.


Article 6: Changes to the Privacy Policy

SB Design Square may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by closing the amendment notice on our website. SB Design Square's use of the Website and other channels constitutes acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy, and your continued use of the Services after such amendments are announced will also be accepted.


ข้อ 7: ข้อมูลติดต่อกับบริษัท

หากต้องการทราบข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับปัญหาการใช้งาน และความปลอดภัยส่วนบุคคล ติดต่อ SB Design Square  ได้ที่


Copyright Policy

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